Earn online by placing a Spot Level Block, like the one in the right, on your website or blog. A Spot Level Block contains a list of text ads that let you earn each time your visitors click on them. You can also choose the format and colors that best fit your pages.

As a Spot Level publisher you will
  • earn every time a visitor click on a Spot inside the Block.
  • earn lifetime referral commissions for every visitor that become a Spot Level publisher through your personal invitation link, shown at the bottom of every Block.
  • earn lifetime commissions also when your referrals invite new Spot Level publishers up to 6 levels of referrals.

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Create effective and catching text Spots like those diplayed here in the box on the left. Spots are little text messages that you can write to attract visitors to your website. Your Spots will be diplayed on the fast growing Spot Level Network, allowing you to receive quality traffic to your business!

Be in the forefront with:
  • advanced Pay-Per-Click model. You pay only when your Spots are clicked and you receive traffic.
  • very low prices with an average Cost-Per-Click of $0.05 !
  • automated self-learning system that improve over time, showing the most relevant ads to more targeted users.

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